Are You Afraid To Fly? You’re Not Alone!

Millions of people all over the world prefer not to fly on commercial aircraft. Some have never flown and don’t know what to expect; others have to fly regularly but are extremely uneasy about the whole process. And even those who are comfortable with flight itself can become nervous in airports, at ticketing and reservations – the whole confusing operation that supports air travel.

There is a heightened awareness these days of terrorism and the security process that has become the norm even when flying domestically. All of this contributes to passenger anxiety and stress.

Your fear of flying is real and significant. (Flying goes against basic, deeply rooted human reactions, including the fear of falling which is the most fundamental of all fears.) Remember you are not alone and having a fear of flying is not irrational but avoiding it and doing nothing about it is.

The Flying Without Fear programme has now helped thousands of New Zealanders become knowledgable, relaxed and interested passengers, as free to travel by air as they are to drive their own car.

Grant Amos (BA Sociology, MA Psychology, Life Member NZ Psychological Society) is the programme director with a background in the aviation industry. Air NZ asked Grant to set up the programme in 1982 and the course has continued successfully since that time.

The aim of the programme is to de-mystify flying for the participants. We believe that knowledge is the key to your success in learning to fly well. You will become armed with a "flying toolbox of tricks" to help you overcome your fears and get on with flying.